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Talking About Lucy and Marketing AI

Posted by Equals 3 on Aug 21, 2018 9:41:00 AM

By Geoff Livingston

More advanced brands in the marketing segment like Marketo are already deploying their early AI solutions. However, their legacy implementations may prove a hindrance compared to next generation AI-based marketing systems that are rising to compete against them. One such system is Lucy, a platform developed by a company called Equals 3.

Lucy is not an artificial general intelligence, a machine capable of performing any task that a marketer can, but “she” is based off of multiple algorithms and AI technologies, including IBM Watson, Amazon and others. Now two years old, Lucy has advanced to become a powerful segmentation, advertising and content optimization tool that’s already developed industry recognized campaigns for brands like BMW.

I interviewed Equals3 Co-Founder and Managing Partner Scott Litman, one of the company’s founders and marketing technology veteran. Here are some of the key questions and answers from our conversation together. Read the interview.


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