Superpower your marketing process with Lucy

Pull deep insights from piles of data. Make genius decisions. Compress months of work to one day.
Get big-brain assistance across research and media.

Pull deep insights from a sea of customer data. Make genius decisions. Do months of work in one day. Get big-brain assistance across research and media.

Who Loves Lucy?


Tame big data. Lucy absorbs client-owned raw numbers, licensed market reports, the latest industry news—keeps it in a single location, and searches it at lightning speed.


Fine-tune your focus. Lucy sees patterns, makes connections, and builds personality profiles. She’ll draw the roadmap. Follow it to find your customers.


Aim accurately. Lucy picks apart data and creates winning media plans. She’ll tell you how much to spend, plus where (and where not) to spend it.

Answers in an instant

All of your data, from dozens of sources, all available through one interface. Leveraging the entirety of your enterprise knowledge, Lucy answers complex questions in seconds. You can get your job done faster and more thoroughly.

You + Lucy = 3

AI Powered Marketing Assistant

Lucy lends a helping hand to marketing professionals

Get more out of your data. Lucy delivers insightful conclusions, refined segmentation analysis, killer marketing plans, and world-conquering media strategies. She’s simple. She’s swift. She’s the AI-powered assistant to the marketing pro.

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