Meet Lucy. She is ready to put your data to work.

Get the most value out of the trove of knowledge your business has created and accumulated through time, money and insights.

Get the most value out of the trove of knowledge your business has created and accumulated through time, money and insights.

How can Lucy transform the way I work?

Usually enterprise search leads to piecing together findings based on a deep exploration process, sifting through hundreds of assets created by predecessors. Or even worse, spending hours or company dollars duplicating work that has already been done. Lucy is changing this. Just ask her a question and she will instantly deliver the information and insights you were looking for. You’ll be free to focus on your real priorities.

Slay data dragons

Is your company paying for more data than you know how to search? Get data out of silos. Feed it to Lucy. She reads PowerPoints, PDFs, Keynote, Images, Word documents, Video and more. Unstructured, structured, proprietary or licensed, she organizes every type of data into a single location and combs through it with superhuman speed.

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Simple Integration

Lucy uses proprietary IP for the ingestion and integration of customer and 3rd party data. With 20+ automated integrations to internal file systems including Box, SharePoint, Dropbox and OneDrive, she is ready to unify access and provide insights from all the documents across your internal files and systems. Lucy also has connectors to 50+ common research platforms and systems.

Automate Workflows

It comes up every week, month or quarter—that recurring report you or your team is responsible for and you spend the majority of the time just trying to gather the data. This is where Lucy comes in. When you need key figures, she gives them to you instantly. What once took a morning or even a few days is now the work of a couple seconds. Report compiling becomes easy and automated with Lucy's help.

Data Security

We are dedicated providing our clients with the best in class security and confidentiality for their personal and organizational data.

  • OAuth 2.0 secures delegated access while keeping user’s identity private.

  • We constantly monitor and improve the reliability and security of our systems and data.

  • Role-based permissions allows data access to be granted or restricted down to individual team members rights and subscription

  • We are in process of ISO 27001 certification expected in 2019.

  • *For additional information read our Privacy and GDPR Policies or email

Talk to us. Lucy wants to help.