Workflow Automation

Recurring reports, competitive analysis and RFPs come together fast when Lucy automates workflows through her Snapshots feature. When you need reoccurring key information, she delivers it to you instantly. That means you can spend your time on big-picture thinking, and use your experience and intuition to strengthen the strategic component of your reports.

Customized Snapshots

Custom snapshot templates are built around your businesses processes and workflow needs. Just select which snapshot report you want—for example: media spending, brand analysis, consumer behavior or web analytics—and Lucy will get it done.

Compiling the Data

Specific data that lives deep within your industry sources, such as Nielsen, MRI, Kantar and NPD, is collected in just minutes. Pulling from multiple sources, or one sophisticated database, Lucy will crunch the numbers and turn them into easy-to-interpret graphics that look like they took hours to build.

Presentation Ready

In addition to automating repeat and/or complex reporting processes, Lucy can export all of the information she compiled directly into your branded Powerpoint.

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