Secondary Research Sources

Though Lucy predominantly works with the data that you as the client own and/or have licensed, your data is supplemented with additional sources provided by Equals 3.

U.S. Census Data

The ready-made research supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau supplies marketers with an abundance of useful data. The problem is the time it takes to comb through the mountains of information to extract the specific data points you are looking for. Lucy alleviates that issue as she stays up-to date on the most recent census data allowing you to get instant answers and insight around potential markets, demographic characteristics and audience targeting. With Lucy on your team you can leverage the U.S. Census Data in conjunction with your own research and data to gain the most substantiated view of the market.


Lucy connects you to all the online marketing data found in the powerful tool of SEMrush. You are able to access all the necessary metrics regarding competitors, keyword rankings, and on-page health from one place. This suite of information, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research, delivers you crucial insights and competitive analysis for guiding your online content and advertising strategy.


Spinn3r feeds Lucy massive datasets of social media, blogs, forums, and other real time and live content, allowing you to find out what your target customers are posting, liking and reacting to. Spinn3r also provides engagement computation by gender, location and sentiment. Lucy works with this knowledge to deliver you real-time insight to better understand your audience and to create social content and messaging that will resonate and connect with your target demographics.


With Lucy’s integration with SimilarWeb, you can analyze traffic statistics of any website—your own, a competitors or a clients. SimilarWeb feeds Lucy information on engagement metrics and traffic source data for any public domain. SimilarWeb analytics help you gain insight on your target audience, create strategies that drive more traffic, and to better understand your online competition.

Pew Research

With Lucy on your team, you have ready access to Pew Research, one of the best sources for the latest statistics on issues, attitudes and trends around the world. Whether the information stemmed from charts, data sets and key points within a report, Lucy can extract the information relevant to your question and deliver you key insight on trends that will play a part in shaping the future of your business. And the more Lucy and you work together, the better Lucy will get at pulling the information most relevant to trends in your industry, possibly even suggesting some new data that you may not have even known was available to you.


With access to Clearbit's business intelligence data, Lucy makes it easier to qualify leads or source new accounts. Clearbit provides her with more than 85 corporate data points including location, size, social profiles, total funding, etc. Lucy can quickly help you build a comprehensive company profile so you can create customized content or determine your greatest ROI while expending minimal resources.


MarketingSherpa provides a goldmine of research and data for marketers to keep-up-to date on industry trends and best practices. Lucy has read, and continues to read, the wealth of reports, case studies and benchmarks MarketingSherpa shares. Lucy will mine the data for you and provide you big picture insight around what has been working, what hasn’t, and what’s ahead for marketers—delivering you a framework to plan your ongoing strategy and tactics.

Think With Google

Lucy gives you quick and convenient access to Google Insights. You don’t have to log in to other tools, just simply ask Lucy for the keyword data you need for creating content. Search volume comparisons, regional interest for a given keyword or alternative search terms relative to a given keywords Lucy finds in seconds by scouring all the data provided by Google Insights. In addition, she can also look at any historical data or reports you have provided her. Lucy is an efficient and knowledgeable partner in developing keyword strategies.

Google Trends

Google Trends can be a serious marketing tool but most marketers don’t have the time dig in and to use it to its fullest capability. Lucy will help you make the most of the powerful information you can get from Google trends. With all the information housed in Lucy, you can easily stay on top of what people want to know about. Just ask Lucy. She can share Google Trends analysis of interests on what is trending and the reasons why, such as recent news coverage or seasonality. With Lucy helping you leverage Google Trends to keep track of what people are interested in, it is easier to plan, create and share the content your audience is looking for.


BrandIndex monitors the health of brands across the world by interviewing thousands of customers every day and tracking perception across different values including reputation, customer satisfaction, value, ad awareness and purchase consideration to name a few. Whether planning for your own brand strategy, or that of your clients, Lucy can access this valuable data to help you gauge current perception, support campaign planning or see how specific tactics impact brands as they happen. Working with BrandIndex, Lucy helps you spot changes in public perception and then act on it.

Nielsen Insights

Lucy absorbs Nielsen’s publicly released insights around what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen brings multiple sources of consumer action together, measures and understands them from every angle, and then delivers tools and insights to help marketers make strategic decisions. From detailed reports to visually impressive infographics, Nielsen provides valuable information around who your most valuable consumers are and how they behave. Through Lucy’s interface, you can now easily access this critical data to make the best decisions based on your current or potential consumers.

Watson Discovery News

Discovery News consumes more than 200,000 news articles each day from multiple sources and, using Watson natural language understanding techniques to analyze the sentiment of those stories over the past two months. By discovering trends and patterns in sentiment with aggregate analysis, you’ll see new perspectives on how news unfolds across the globe. Stay abreast of the latest information about key competitors, product and brand perception, events, industry experts and more.

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