Lucy's Subscription Options

With three different tiers of service, starting at $49,500, clients can choose which Lucy best meets their needs and budget.

Lucy Lite

Lucy Lite empowers marketers with instant answers to their marketing queries across multiple data sources. Lucy Lite allows you to take advantage of her included data sources for web analytics, sales data and social analysis plus integrate with some of the most popular 3rd party subscription sources. Lucy Lite is a great way for clients to do a trial of Lucy and begin exploring the how an AI can assist marketers.

Lucy Pro

For marketers that are looking to uncover insights from their internal data (PPT, PDF and Word documents), there is the option to upgrade to Lucy Pro for a nominal fee. Subscribers of Lucy Pro gain all the benefits of Lucy Lite, plus an internal knowledge management system. Lucy digests your company's owned data, making it accessible to all those who need it. Your team is able to quickly find the data that matters and put it into action.

Lucy Enterprise

For marketers looking to drive AI-powered value across all facets of marketing (research, audience and media) can upgrade to Lucy Enterprise. In addition to all the benefits of Lucy Pro, users gain access to advanced media planning tools and comprehensive features. Lucy Enterprise is best suited to organizations with complex data and automation needs, who want to take advantage of her full suite of capabilities to meet their unique needs and specific goals.

Included Data Sources

Lucy has her own library of research data that she is already trained on and is included for every client. Through these valuable data sources, she is ready to instantly deliver insight and value. Sources include data on website traffic statistics & analytics, social media & search analysis, market & consumer trends, Information & public perception on latest news, media & brand equity research.

What plan is best for you?