Meet Lucy. Your ace time-saver — with A.I. skills.

At your command, Lucy carries out vital tasks quickly with her superpowered information-gathering and analytic capabilities—freeing you for higher-order problem solving.

Every step of the way, from initial market research to audience insight to media planning, you’ll have a digital whiz at your side.

How can Lucy transform the way I work?

Imagine if sophisticated market research, complicated audience establishment, and flawless media plans were just a mouse click away. Sounds like magic—but it’s just Lucy. She represents a new advancement in how technology can speed up and improve the work of the marketer. Whether you ask her to hunt down facts about a potential market, pull together customer profiles from social media, or draw up media models, she performs time-consuming tasks in an instant—without breaking a sweat.

10 Competitive Advantages with Lucy

Slay data dragons

Is your company paying for more data than you know how to search? Get data out of silos. Feed it to Lucy. She understands rows of numbers. She reads white papers, too. Unstructured, structured, proprietary or licensed, she organizes every type of data into a single location and combs through it with superhuman speed.

Drive customer insight

People are complicated—Lucy understands. Give her a few key customer data points, and she uses her resources to draw a detailed audience profile explaining personality, needs, and values. Next, she drills down even further, breaking the larger persona into archetype groups. The result? Deep understanding, so you can tailor your message for a perfect fit.

Target media spend for major impact

Part military strategist, part crystal ball, Lucy delivers media mix schematics that show you how much money to spend and exactly where to spend it. Her channel allocation process is fully customizable. Alter your parameters and Lucy’s forecast changes. Together, you’ll plot out the ultimate media plan until you find the correct tactic to deploy for your budget.

Watch Lucy Work


Lucy understands your natural language which allows her to understand not only what you want, but provides comprehensive answers complete with vivid visualizations, that help you make informed decisions.


Lucy is an audience expert who assembles complex portraits of target customers, providing you deep insight and uncovering valuable information to help better connect with your audience.


Lucy is a master strategist at media planning, developing adjustable models that allow marketers to see the effect of different approaches and then optimizing them to achieve the greatest impact.

Lucy is For The Fortune 1000 Marketer And The Agencies That Service Them





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