How Lucy Helps Brands 

As a Fortune 1000  you own and license a rich amount of data. This data comes in both structured and unstructured formats, it is available through numerous logins and disparate systems. The answers to your questions are out there—somewhere—in a mountain of internal Power Points, 3rd-party research report PDF, spreadsheets and CRM figures. How do you manage the explosion of information and still keep up with the company's growing demands?

Lucy is your assistant. She absorbs, analyzes and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge—and she never takes a day off. Lucy reads every word of every document; every row and column of every database and spreadsheet; everything that your company owns, has ever commissioned or has licensed. Every asset can finally be leveraged. Lucy is incredibly fast, combing through more data minutes than a marketing team could go through in a year—all through a singular login and a natural language interface.

With her help, your teams can get out of the weeds and focus on big-picture tasks, like planning strategy and outmaneuvering the competition.

With Lucy companies can?

  • Leverage the full value of all enterprise-owned data – no data is lost to certain brands or business units
  • Take advantage of every deck, plan, and presentation created internally and externally
  • Reduce the reporting burden on Decision Sciences and Analytics teams
  • Make marketing plans and decisions confidently and with ease
  • Automate labor-intensive tasks such as data finding
  • Optimize subscriptions by discovering underutilized and un-utilized sources
  • Create visually-rich presentations for executive members
  • Discover the answers to marketing questions through CRM data
  • Optimize targeted messaging based on reliable data and analytics

With Lucy on the team, brands gain efficiencies, increase productivity, and create a competitive advantage.  

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