How Lucy Helps Agencies 

Agencies have an abundance of data assets on hand every deck developed, a variety of license subscriptions, each client's owned data, and a wealth of proprietary information built through years of experience and effort.

The problem is that the data comes in a variety of formats, both structured and unstructured, and it is available through numerous logins and disparate systems. The question isn't if you have the information, it is how do you access and extract the specific information you need.

Lucy has the ability to unite a spectrum of data into searchable form allowing agencies to leverage all the data they own and license through a singular login and a natural language interface. Lucy is incredibly fast, combing through more data minutes than an entire team could go through in a year. Thanks to Lucy, teams can spend less time slogging through data and more time focusing on billable jobs.

With Lucy agencies can?

  • Improve business development with more efficient and comprehensive responses to RFPs
  • Keep all agency-owned and client-owned data together in one easy-to-access database
  • Build complex, multi-channel media plans in a fraction of the time
  • Use predictive modeling to optimize media spends
  • Build effective strategy, plans, and presentations for clients more efficiently
  • Focus on big-picture, strategic thinking
  • Deliver higher quality and deeper services to clients in dramatically less time

With Lucy on the team, agencies create efficiencies, increase productivity, and gain a competitive advantage to drive future success.


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