Lucy Delivers Brand Insights

Digesting approximately 1,000 accredited news sources daily, Lucy looks for your brand mentions and then analyzes the key topics, tone and sentiment based on what she has read. Similarly, she can provide insight on hashtags, people or topics that are being covered in social media and the news. With Lucy, you are always kept up-to-date on market perception.

Brand Sentiment

In seconds, Lucy reads through the articles in your chosen date range and shares the sentiments surrounding those articles, whether it be negative or positive. She also analyzes the tone of social media mentions for your brand inquiry and compares the tone of those posts to its news sentiment.

Article Tone

If you want to take a closer look at what is driving your current brand sentiment, Lucy will provide you with a deeper dive. In addition to the article link, she provides the percentage of joy or sadness driving the tone of each article. In addition, Lucy shows brand mentions in social media under the topic in which they were discussed. See the number of times the topic was mentioned and the percentage of positive or negative sentiment surrounding that mention.

Keyword Mentions

Discover what brand topics are being most talked in the market. Scouring all the articles read, Lucy pulls out and proportionally sizes the most and least mentioned words mentioned in social media. She also shows you where in the country they were posted. Furthermore, Lucy will pull up the post for you so that you can see in exactly what context your company was mentioned.

Topic Reaction

For each keyword listed, you can expand the information to see how people feel about that particular topic. Adjust the date range on any topic and Lucy will instantly provide a visual scale weighing positive and negative reactions.

Talk to us. Lucy wants to help.