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What is one challenge or time-consuming task related to data that you would love AI to solve?

Posted by Lisa Bergerson on Nov 18, 2018 12:38:47 PM

Most marketers know AI is in their future, we just aren’t sure exactly how it will impact us. The fears of being replaced by AI is starting to subside as more news comes out on how AI will augment our workmaking our efforts even more valuable—versus replacing us.

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Rather than worrying about what is on the horizon, I asked a few marketers what they hope is ahead: “What is one challenge or time-consuming task related to data that you would love AI to solve?”


Kristin Dennewill President, Denamico

How about a tool that could combine your goals with SEO to help plan an editorial calendar? Or a tool that could look at your conversion rates (i.e. for CTAs/offers) and suggest tweaks on how to improve them?


Jen Schrader - Senior Marketer, Thomson Reuters

I think these days, we're blessed with an overabundance of data, and now we need someone (or something) to sift through it all and find the meaningful pieces. I'd love AI to be able to take data from all sorts of sources and point to the trends AND the anomalies in it, creating a single source of truth (that's easy to understand). 


Mary Beth Mohn - VP Marketing, MatrixCare

How about just basic data integrity related to contact lists? Scrubbing contact lists, correcting obvious mistakes in fields, applying consistent formatting, etc. (Basically, fixing all the problems caused by lazy or incomplete data entry.) 


Lauren Altschuler - President, blue rooster Marketing

I'd like to see more resources for hyper-local searches and engagement trends across multiple channels. Also demand and engagement for luxury goods and services across channels (search volume smaller but margins higher).


Though AI may never be a magic bullet solving every marketing challenge, it is exciting to start thinking of ways we would welcome it to assist us. The more we start learning about its capabilities, thinking through our own use cases, researching potential options and experimenting, the better prepared we will be for the forthcoming AI revolution. Organizations are already on the search for marketers who are eager and ready to take advantage of the benefits AI can bring. AI will be a powerful tool to not only advance the brand you represent, but your career.



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