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The evolution of Lucy: Equals 3’s AI-powered assistant gets even smarter

Posted by Equals 3 on Apr 20, 2018 2:51:00 PM

By Robin Kurzer

In 2016, we told you about Lucy, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that answered marketers’ questions via menus or conversational English queries, using data from multiple platforms.

Two years have passed since its debut, so we checked in on Lucy’s creator, Equals 3, to see if the AI-powered assistant had changed.

We discovered that there’s a new Lucy in town: Lucy 2.0 is an evolution of its earlier iteration with an expanded skill set. Or is it toolkit?

Lucy 2.0 has been in beta since January with new capabilities, including the ability to create automated workflows and use predictive modeling.

Getting smarter all the time
Like any good AI, Lucy 2.0 has been learning and is getting smarter. She now has a Snapshots feature through which users can automate workflows. She can work with increasingly complicated data sets and predict how specific marketing messages will perform against certain personas.

And yes, she can also offer suggestions for improvement.

“Lucy 2.0 marks a vital milestone in Lucy’s evolution, where marketers can leverage more data and tools to inform their decision-making,” Scott Litman, co-founder of Equals 3, said. Read the full article...

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