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Top AI Interviews You Should Read in 2019

Posted by Equals 3 on Nov 7, 2018 12:29:00 PM

"It was a phenomenal year for AI and related technologies. The year 2018 has been seeing many mergers and innovative applications coming to the fore with the maturity of data science and analytics. From Google AI announcing rewards for social good to the more interesting news in AI, we find how the industry prepared for Phase II of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here are the top AI interviews featuring the best brains in the industry that you should read before 2019."

A great wrap up by Sudipto Ghosh of some of the top AI experts sharing their insights and wisdom on where the industry is headed. Check out who made the list in addition to Equals 3 Co-founder Scott Litman. Summaries of each interview are included along with links to full interviews. See the list......



















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