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The 3 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change Content Marketing

Posted by Equals 3 on Nov 13, 2018 1:05:39 PM

"In many ways, artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing digital marketing in general, and content marketing in particular. But the truth is, there is so much more to come – so many more changes and improvements that AI will surely bring to content marketing."

In this Forbes article, author Lilach Bullock shares her insight on how Artificial Intelligence will impact content marketing, including what AI actually is and a section on "Build Better Content Marketing Strategies With An AI Marketing Assistant" (with Lucy as an example!)

Exploring the question: Will AI Take Over Content Writing Jobs Completely? We agree that the answer is not doom and gloom. AI is here to help marketers create even better content by providing insights into data and automating time consuming tasks. Read the full story....



















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