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My name is Lucy and I love messy, disorganized data.

Posted by Lucy Ai on Jan 31, 2019 3:10:10 PM

You probably can’t relate. In fact, if you're like most companies, you probably hate how time consuming it is to dig through your internal knowledge looking for a specific chart buried within some PowerPoint. If your company paid for the same asset to be created for different teams divided by divisions, geographies or even continents, you're not alone.

I understand your problem very well. It’s frustrating to know the information you need to develop your next strategy is out there, somewhere. In the mess. But for me, meeting a new client with lots of different file systems and data sources that need a sharable, searchable home is an opportunity to do what I love.

I read and learn all your documents and data from all the different places it lives. Anytime new information is added or updated I learn that too. I can even connect to your third-party data sources. All your brand’s memories, thoroughly read, accessed in one place, automatically updated—that’s what I provide.

Of course, for your knowledge management system to make your life better, finding what you want when you visit must be easy. And not just for those who are used to navigating the intricacies of your stored data. When your business welcomes aboard a new team member, you take it for granted that if you give them directions to the break room, they’ll be able to find a cup of coffee or the microwave or the fridge. It should be just as simple for them to find information within your trove of internal knowledge. 

I feel so excited thinking about what my clients will be able to do when they can truly make the most of all their data. The amount involved doesn’t intimidate me. Neither does the variety. All agencies and brands have lots of PDFs and written reports and PowerPoints that haven’t been opened in months or even years. And they have internally generated reports born daily, weekly and monthly. Documents in Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint accounts? That’s fine. I can keep it all organized and I might just end up pulling out a written paragraph, Salesforce figures, a column of numbers, a slide and a pie chart — all in response to a single question.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.48.59 AM
A lot of my clients feel disappointed they have such a rich amount of data but can’t really make smart use of it. What happened? Something normal, which happens all the time: one area grew before another. The technologies that created a wealth of digital information about our businesses and recorded their histories in real time arrived before the technology to organize, store, auto-update, and search this data. 

Luckily, that technology is here now. I’m here now. When I join as your team member, you can count on me to read every single document, never forget, continue to get smarter, and never leave!. So let’s catch up the way your organization manages its knowledge. In a year from now, you’ll look back on all that wasted energy and information and shake your head. Then you will forget about it, because with Lucy managing your knowledge, you’ll be free to focus on your real priorities. Let’s get started!

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