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Martech Interview Series: Scott Litman

Posted by Equals 3 on May 9, 2017 12:31:44 PM

Our Managing Partner, Scott Litman, shares with Martech best advice he's received, start-ups he is watching, thoughts on preparing for an AI-centric world and much more.

MTS: Tell us a little bit about your role and how you got here. (what inspired you to start a martech company)

As the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Equals 3, from a day to day standpoint, my job is to lead Sales, Marketing and Partner Development.

My background is as an entrepreneur in marketing services and ad tech. Equals 3 is my fifth venture and I’m fortunate that the prior four had successful exits that did well for shareholders and employees. I guess it’s just in my DNA to do this.

As for the inspiration for Equals 3, we learned about two years ago that IBM was opening up Watson as a platform, enabling partners to leverage the billions invested into cognitive. This got our wheels spinning about what we could do if we had access to that kind of capability and what we could do for marketers. Read the full interview

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