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How Lucy Can Help You Work Better in 2017

Posted by Scott Litman on Jan 18, 2017 8:32:01 AM

Where will you see improved performance thanks to your AI companion?

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A new year brings new goalposts and fresh hopes for becoming more productive, more effective, and better-equipped to lead your brand to domination. Lucy, the cognitive companion to the marketing professional, has the potential to transform the way you do your job. You’ve never seen anything like her capacity to read, understand, remember, and search massive amounts of data. And her deft touch with creating personality profiles and media planning will let you focus your energy like a laser, giving you greater returns on your effort than you’ve ever seen before.

Let’s see how this plays out in real life.

The Monthly Report, Reborn

It comes up every month on your calendar—that report you or your team is responsible for and you spend the majority of the time just trying to gather the data. That data may be in various databases, systems or in various documents.  By the time that all of this data is captured and assembled, there is too little time to determine what was learned from the data and what insights can be gleaned from it.

That’s where Lucy comes in. She reads and understands every document you feed her. No need to login to different systems; she accesses and analyzes all the licensed data your company subscribes to. So when you need key figures, she gives them to you instantly. What once took a morning or even a few days is now the work of a couple seconds. That means you can spend your time on big-picture thinking, and use your experience and intuition to strengthen the strategic component of your reports.

Relieve the Pain of Business Development

Assembling RFPs and building marketing plans are a necessary part of keeping your business alive. But they can also be a source of waste. Teams with funded work lose bodies as people get pulled away to finish writing that looming RFP. Busy marketers turn away from daily obligations to search for the data they need to prepare for presentations to support upcoming company initiatives. Nights, weekends, long hours—all expended without any certainty of reward. That human energy is the fuel that creates great work, and it’s a waste to burn it out on business development.

Again, this is a job for Lucy. Assisting with documents for RFPs and marketing plans in support of business development is the type of work she does quickly and thoroughly. She will create ace visualizations from data and dig out insights that would have had a team scrambling for weeks. You’ll have an end product you can be confident in and wow your audience with unique detail other presentations never uncovered.

Improve Automated Marketing by Understanding Emotions Instead of Transactions

You send out thousands—maybe millions—of 1:1 messages, via email, digital ads or social networks, and have a system in place to customize those messages. But right now, getting to that level of personalization is tricky.  Maybe you use past transactions, web history or knowledge of geography (where they live / work) to create a layer of personalization. It’s a good start, but we’re entering an era where much more is possible.  Lucy lets you transcend transactions and these basic markers and reach your audience at an emotional level. Knowing a customer’s psychological motivations for purchases is a deeper understanding than just knowing about the purchases themselves. Lucy looks at your audience data and analyzes it for personality traits, big needs, and core values. She is able to sort customers into different archetypes, which are powerfully predictive and explanatory when it comes to consumer behavior. She will hunt for individuals that share these traits and examine their tweets, likes and CRM data and will pull together a person. Your diaper-buying parent may be caring for a baby, but she might not be a Caregiver archetype—in fact, she might be a Rebel.

By knowing this key insight, you can tailor your creative to resonate more powerfully with your customer than ever before. You’ll be able to use keywords that speak to customer’s deeply-held identities and capture their interest to drive behavior.

Lucy will touch so many different parts of your business, making you faster, more effective, and more strategic. Innovations in machine-learning platforms like Lucy will shake up entire industries, as early adopters gain a crushing competitive edge. And with her on your side, you can resolve to make 2017 a year of light speed advances and exponential growth.









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