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How AI is Completely Transforming Knowledge Management for Businesses

Posted by Equals 3 on Feb 18, 2019 10:54:00 AM

Large companies have data, lots and lots of data. In particular, they have tens of thousands or more files that are PowerPoints, PDFs, Word Documents, Keynote and HTML that sit on internal systems. Those that are not actively in use are likely never to be opened again. The more people, the more offices, the more geographies, the more challenging the problem becomes. When a new employee is hired or an employee moves into a new division or business unit, they are effectively unaware of every plan, proposal, research report, strategy deck or analysis that came before them. When an employee leaves a company or moves to a new team, they take their knowledge of the data with them. Valuable knowledge ends up going unused or being recreated, costing businesses productivity and money. In this article, Scott Litman shares how AI-powered knowledge management solutions are evolving to solve this common business challenge. Read the article.






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