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How AI is Changing Content Marketing Today and in the Future

Posted by Equals 3 on Aug 1, 2018 11:29:00 AM

by Kaya Ismail

Artificial intelligence is already helping marketers succeed in a number of ways, from efficiently engaging website visitors via chatbots to conducting predictive analytics campaigns. But what about artificial intelligence and its relationship with content marketing in particular? We’ve asked some marketing experts, and they came up with four distinct, yet equally exciting ways that AI will change content marketing in 2019 and beyond.

New Content Marketing Landscape
According to Peter Mikeal, Head of Marketing Strategy at NC.-based Small Footprint, AI will fundamentally change the landscape of marketing as we know it. “The age-old statement in marketing, “50 percent of our marketing efforts work, we just don’t know which 50%”, will become a fable of the past,” he said.

He noted that as AI matures it will eliminate many of the legacy marketing jobs that are task-oriented and will create new ones to manage the data and make swift pivots to increase lead generation and revenue.

There are those that disagree with that notion however. Valerie Turgeon, a content marketing manager at Minneapolis-based Brandpoint, doesn't believe that AI will take content marketer’s jobs away. “I think it’s interesting that there’s a conversation about whether AI will take marketers’ jobs away. I don’t think it will. Humans are the only beings that can understand other humans,” Turgeon said. “AI marketing tools just help gather the data to understand a mass amount of people. But to create the campaigns and determine how to use AI, that has to come from the brainpower of human marketers whose core role will never change – to provide helpful, informative content for their customers and build business,” Turgeon continued.

It's worth noting that many believe even if jobs aren't taken by AI, the marketing roles being performed will evolve to higher level tasks.

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