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Top 10 Benefits of Lucy to Drive Competitive Advantage

Posted by Marc Dispensa on Jul 20, 2016 8:25:57 AM

Businesses that adopt new technology early in its release timeline gain an outsized advantage over the competition. We’ve seen the same story unfold in the past, from the farmer with a tractor besting the one with a horse and plow, to the domination of enterprises that were first to take their business models online. History’s lesson is clear: those who wait until change seems inevitable, hand an insurmountable advantage to those who seize innovations and use them as an opportunity to evolve. 

At Equals 3, we believe we are at the dawn of the next big advancement in marketing technology: artificial intelligence. By automating labor-intensive tasks and converting data assets into an evergreen, quickly-searchable source of crucial insights, our cognitive marketing assistant Lucy will transform the marketing landscape forever.



Here are some advantages users are already seeing with Lucy at their side:

  1. Reduce external costs by as much as 75 percent. The history of automation is one of plummeting costs and skyrocketing efficiency, and bringing a cognitive assistant aboard is our era’s great technological leap. In fact, one of Lucy’s earliest employers has already reduced vendor costs to agencies and consultants by 75 percent.

  2. Expand your capacity to automate tasks. With Lucy, that includes business development. Keep your people on billable jobs while your cognitive assistant assembles all the complicated data needed for business development and RFPs.

  3. Skip specialty training­—you don’t need to be a data scientist to mine data with Lucy. She understands natural language search, so you can ask her a very simple question and have her return an answer, without using a complicated dashboard or knowing anything about analytic tools.

  4. Insure against data obsolescence. Your company’s data is an asset built through years of brainpower exerted, experience, and effort. But stored in silos and unsearchable, it’s as good as gone. Lucy’s ability to unite a spectrum of data into searchable form allows you to leverage it for future success.

  5. Reach into a haystack of data to pull out a needle on the first try. The answers to your questions are out there—somewhere—in a mountain of internal Power Points, 3rd-party research reports, and CRM figures. With a cognitive assistant to search and retrieve in a way no human or piece of software can, you’ll be on to the next step, key facts in hand, while the competition is stuck staring at screens.

  6. Spend human-power strategically by using smart audience formation. While others are waiting for survey responses, Lucy deploys social media data and her own special analytical formulas to provide real answers about your customers and their needs. She narrows down the pool to a carefully chosen range, so when it’s time for marketers to roll up their sleeves and create, they’re closer to their targets than ever. 

  7. Generate high-level media plans 10 or 20 times faster than you do today. Lucy represents a whole new level of planning automation. Even on your first day with a client, Lucy can apply a set of models that will give you 15-20 more media mix options than a person could develop solo. More tailor-made options mean a better final fit—in a fraction of the time.

  8. Enlighten entry-level team members with legacy-level knowledge. Human workers move in and out of work groups and offices, but Lucy always remains with the team. She maintains the legacy, puts complex methodologies in the hands of people at every level of seniority, and makes new team members better, faster.

  9. Leave the competition in the dust. Systems like Lucy become more powerful through machine learning, which takes time. Those who get on board first will have a super-fast cognitive companion as a seasoned team member when latecomers are still sinking time into training—a disadvantage that could be impossible to recover from.

  10. Give productivity a sevenfold boost. Ground-level Lucy users have found the automation of so many campaign-related tasks has thrown the process into hyperspeed—with AI-enhanced productivity up 7 times.

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