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That Happened Fast: What You Can Do To Adjust For AI Marketing In 2018

Posted by Equals 3 on Aug 9, 2018 4:53:00 PM

By Arya Bina

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a class of computed thinking that models the thought processes of human beings. It divides into machine learning and deep learning, and both allow algorithms to be self-educated based on the data received, be it uploaded or environmental.

Automated thinking is now redefining the digital marketing world. For example, the Equals 3 marketing and advertising firm successfully pulled off the creation of the AI bot Lucy to analyze keywords, and The Grid agency uses AI Molly to create websites with little cost and time involved.

There are two things that the advancement of marketing has taught me throughout the years: to be obsessed with how technology is changing communications and to understand how it enables data processing at a level humans never could before. Being able to predict the future is something we’ve tried for quite some time, which is why AI has become an important tool that our agency uses for digital marketing efforts.  Read the entire article...

















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