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Best of Twin Cities Startup Week 2018

Posted by Customer Success on Oct 15, 2018 2:19:40 PM

Over the past week, the Customer Success team at Equals 3 explored Twin Cities Startup Week – “Showcasing the best from the startup capital of the North.” Here are a few of our favorite moments:

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How to Measure Customer Success at Your Startup

Define what customer success means to your business and then track it. We use our KPI as a leading indicator to measure success with our customers; eventually leading to successes within their businesses. - Charlie Lehmann, Director of Customer Success at Kipsu 

Develop customer success teams to scale. When you are a small company you can wear every hat and answer every question, but when you start to grow you need build your processes that scale with your customer base. Ike Nelson, VP of Customer Success at Drip 

Use automation to help customer success scale if your team is only reactive, you’re failing. If there are responsibilities of your customer facing team you can automate—do it; give them time to proactively service your customers. - Ike Nelson, VP of Customer Success at Drip 

Decrease time to value for customers. How is onboarding set up to do so? This is the most important time in the client lifecycle, make a good impression. - Ike Nelson, VP of Customer Success at Drip 


Why AI is a Competitive Advantage in a Startup's Tech Stack

How should we start inserting AI into our app? Don't ... Focus on building the best application possible and when the time is right the AI will find its way in. - Josh Cutler, CTO Ramble 

2018 Techstars Retail

The real damage of food waste. If food waste was its own country it would be the 3rd largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. How one company is looking to change this. 

Viz-a-Vis - Data Viz

How data literate are you? Literacy drives progress. Paper wasn't needed until there were enough literate folks who knew what to do with it. Data literacy is the key to driving progress in data visualization. - Matt Dubay, Consultant at Slalom Consulting 

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