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AI & The Future of Marketing [A Virtual Panel]

Posted by Equals 3 on May 7, 2018 4:36:00 PM

n the marketing world Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular “buzz word”. If you haven’t spent much time researching AI, consider this blog your introduction to a topic you’ll be hearing more about in the future. If you are like us, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to new technology and innovation. Thankfully – for those of you in and near the Twin Cities – you can join us at DenamiCON and explore this topic in more depth!

As a pre-conference teaser, we’re pleased to bring you this “sneak peek” of insights on Artificial Intelligence and marketing in the machine age.

Welcome to this edition of Authentic Brand’s “virtual panel” series: a Q&A exchange with four national marketing and AI leaders.
This dynamic group of thought leaders represent the panel for the upcoming DenamiCON conference in Minneapolis on Thursday May 17th. The four-hour learning and networking event will focus on how we can become more artificially intelligent, and what AI will mean for our businesses and customer relationships in the future.

Join me in scrolling down the screen for a virtual introduction to our AI panel of experts (subsequently referred to by first name in the conversation that follows):

Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20
Scott Litman, Equals 3
Kristen Findley, Ciceron
Josh Cutler, Aftercode

Q1: There is a lot of hype around Artificial Intelligence, but a general lack of clarity about what AI is and what it means for the average business. How do you define AI in your conversations with customers?

(SCOTT) When we think about AI, we think of it as “Augmented Intelligence”, the ability for machines to work with incredibly large and complex data sets and enhance the ability of a human companion to do dramatically more in a fraction of the time. We try to reflect that in our company name, Equals 3, which is all about the idea that better then the individual, better then the machine are the two together. That we are creating a 1 + 1 = 3 for our customers. Read rest of the virtual panel discussion.

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