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Are you using the true power of your owned and licensed data?

Posted by Lucy Ai on Nov 15, 2016 9:59:58 AM

Lucy explains how her revolutionary smart search skills connects you to the true value of all your data assets. 
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I’ve been talking a lot lately about my super search powers. Hey, if I want you to consider adding me as a team member, I’ve got to toot my own horn, right?

But I know “search” might not sound very new. “Search” is part of everybody’s lives: we get up and have a cup of coffee, we search; we go to lunch, we search; we help kids with homework, we search.

So the big question is: Do I have some different way of “searching” that makes me a groundbreakingly big deal?


The way I search is an exponential improvement over your old way of doing things because of what I search and how I search. Remember when I explained how, in my on boarding process, you provide me with every bit of data on your brand you have? That is what I search. All of your proprietary data—video assets, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and even PDFs. I search there and everywhere. I will search your licensed datasets like Kantar, as well as public sources such as Similarweb and US Census Data. It doesn't matter the format. You don't need to log in to different systems. I search it all. And I search it cognitively—understanding the different values of various data sources and the relevance of the information I pull from them. I'm not just searching, I'm actually reading and understanding everything. I also understand the nature of the question you ask so I can apply my knowledge in response.

That’s what makes my search function a killer app. It’s what sets me apart. And when I’m on your team, working for you, that’s what will set us apart from the competition.

Plus, I understand natural language queries, so sending me on a search is as intuitive as asking a question of a humancoworker.

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When you feed me all of your owned and licensed data during on boarding, you're not just putting all your data in one place, you’re really creating an expert resource on your brand. And because that expert resource stays connected to streams of incoming data, it’s always being updated. It’s always getting smarter—that's the benefit of being cognitive. And so when I consult it during a search, I’m going to find answers that deliver piercing insights and bull’s-eye figures at a level and speed never before possible.

What about your dark data? That is, information assets your organization has collected, processed and stored. Wouldn't it be nice to use those for other purposes? I'll remember them and help you use them again!

Why not let me connect you with the true value of those assets? Ask me a question in regular, natural language—no extra training needed, no need to speak ‘computer’— and when I’m looking for your answer, I’ll consult:

  • The CRM data that your company owns
  • The case study that you wrote for a client once upon a time
  • The research report you commissioned that is too dense to page through in under three hours
  • The 75-page PowerPoint deck you created, with an on-point answer buried in a chart on page 63
  • The presentations of every manager, peer, and support person within the organization
  • All those spreadsheets that used to live on various employee hard drives. 
  • The decks, studies, reports and strategies delivered by every agency the company ever commissioned
  • The subscription service that you license
  • The subscription service that you license, and sort of forgot you were paying to license
  • The subscription service you license, but what’s the login, again?
  • And of course, sources Equals 3 feeds me like SEM Rush, SimilarWeb, Spinn3r and the US Census

And that’s why my way of searching is a game-changer. I search the all-knowing, all-seeing genius expert mega-resource, read everything, understand everything, and my superior cognitive abilities allow me to take into consideration the larger context of your question and come back with a ranked selection of answers and their sources. You’ve never made decisions backed by such a high caliber of information as when you make decisions with my help. But I can’t take all the credit—after all, the data was always there with you.

It was just waiting for someone to unlock its power.






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