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25 Innovations and Trends for the Future

Posted by Equals 3 on Sep 5, 2018 4:49:58 PM

From AI and drones to podcasting and housing density. 

Artificial Intelligence

Although movies and TV often portray artificial intelligence (AI) as robots with human-like characteristics, AI encompasses anything that has a built-in computer system enabling it to perform tasks often associated with human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision-making, and learning. Health care, marketing, transportation, and finance are among the top sectors with the most potential for AI integration. MN Cup co-founder and serial entrepreneur Scott Litman’s St. Louis Park-based start-up Equals 3 is touting its AI-powered assistant, Lucy, to help marketing teams mine data and segment it, thus improving marketing effectiveness. Equals 3 says the technology can comb through more data in a minute than a marketing team can go through in a year. Check out the other 24...













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