About Equals 3

Better than the individual and better than the machine, are the two together.

You + Lucy = 3

Our Mission

What if the latest innovations in cognitive computing could be forged into tools to help marketers do their jobs better and faster?

Marketers in the digital age aren’t just swimming in data—they’re drowning in it. There’s just too much, from too many sources, in too many different forms.

We’re tech trend watchers. We saw technologies emerge to give professionals in some fields the ability to unearth crucial insights from massive amounts of data and convert those insights into strategies.

That’s our goal at Equals 3.

Why IBM Watson?

It was easy for Watson to catch our attention. First it won Jeopardy. Then it disrupted the healthcare industry. And as far as we can tell, IBM’s multi-billion dollar investment in cognitive computing is just getting started. Teaming up with Watson lets us put the power of IBM into Lucy, including natural language processing, analysis of unstructured data and world-class data security.

Our dedication to developing a cognitive solution for marketing earned us the 2016 award of "IBM Worldwide Watson Innovative ISV Business Partner of Year."

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Dan Mallin is a force in technology-based entrepreneurship, creating transformative tools that serve the needs of Fortune 1000 marketers and the agencies that serve them. Working with business partner Scott Litman, he’s repeatedly broken new ground in the digital marketing services space. Together, the two have grown and sold four businesses and built forward-thinking ad tech platforms that are still in use day-to-day by some of the world’s largest brands, agencies and media firms.


Founder & CTO

Marc Dispensa invents tech solutions that give marketing and advertising agencies a competitive digital edge. He’s a visionary serial entrepreneur with a track record of bringing new ideas to life, growing emerging companies to a position of strength, and enhancing the businesses of both clients and the agencies that serve them. Besides his business leadership and innovative mind, Dispensa also has technology know-how. He has architected and developed ad tech platforms that integrate with MediaOcean, AppNexus and Google digital ad products to drive efficiencies across the media buying and selling process for some of the world’s biggest brands.


Founder & Managing Partner

Scott Litman is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance the mission of chief marketing officers, advertising, and media agencies. From the early days of the Internet and the first websites, to business portals of the dot com era to the latest generation of 1:1 marketing — integrating sales, service, and marketing — Litman and his business partner Dan Mallin have a broad history of building businesses that help clients, including Fortune 1000 marketers and large ad agencies, take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.


Managing Director
Partners & Alliances

Jodie Sasse collaborates with IBM sales professionals and data partners globally to further expand partnership opportunities for Lucy, as well as guide Equals 3 on how to deliver on overall partner satisfaction. Jodie transitioned to Equals 3 from IBM where she led the go-to-market strategy for the Watson Ecosystem Program. During that time, she was responsible for recruiting partners to leverage Watson’s cognitive capabilities and drove significant growth of IBM partners with commercially available applications built with Watson. Jodie has held a variety of sales-focused leadership positions within IBM.


Chief Product

Rahul Singhal is responsible for the overall product strategy and roadmap guiding the ongoing evolution of Lucy. Prior to joining Equals 3, Rahul was program director for the IBM Watson Platform where he was managed a portfolio of APIs that included Vision, Speech, Data and Language.During his three years in that role, he grew the usage of the services by over 100X and launched over 15 new services. Rahul also spent 12 years at IBM in variety of senior strategy, M&A and operational roles and working for Gartner where he helped startups on their go to market strategies.


Director of
Customer Success

Reed Robinson leads the company’s dedication to world-class support in propelling each client’s Lucy experience, from adoption to leveraging Lucy for long-term business success. Reed brings numerous years of experience, and a successful track-record, of managing client support in the software as a service industry, as well as in design, user experience and market research. Reed also works with Twin Cities technology entrepreneurs as the Co-founder of Beta.mn—an organization focused on increasing the success rate of Minnesota startups.

Q&A with Scott Litman

At IBM World of Watson 2016, Equals 3 Managing Partner Scott Litman was asked a series of questions around the company and Lucy. Watch and learn more about how Lucy evolved and why we believe she will become the cognitive companion marketers not just want, but that they need.

Who Loves Lucy?